SIM cards activated without ID proof

DQW Bureau
26 Sep 2003

While hundreds of consumers continue to carp about the has-sle of filling in details of their personal ID, there seem to be instances where filling in the required details in these forms issued by local cellular compa-nies is passe. Now, even as peo-ple enroll as a new (pre-paid) subscriber of any local cell phone service provider, there are chances, if their luck holds, that they may get your activa-tion without divulging any of these tedious details. 

Some distributors of SIM ca-rds belonging to the major cell-ular operators like Reliance and Airtel, are reportedly allowing or turning a blind eye to verifi-cation process. Dozens of SIM cards are being activated, with-out the verification details of the new subscribers. Seeking authentic ID details of all new subscribers, along with their address proof, is mandatory under existing telecom laws.

Cyber News Service

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