Siliguri Partners are in the stage of Dubiety

Mayank Shishodia
26 May 2017
Siliguri Partners are in the stage of Dubiety

The whole nation is in suspense that what GST will bring to them so as Siliguri’s IT dealers. GST (Goods and Services Tax) will remove the boundaries of trading as government saying, it will allow every dealer to trade in any part of India without any restrictions because their will be a common tax including other taxes which will be applicable in whole India which means the price of any product is almost same across India.
Many associations are doing meetings and planning to tackle GST and make understand their members that what GST will constitute of. Tally is doing meetings across India with various associations to teach partners about GST.
In interaction with The DQ Week Rajesh Rathee said, “We are just waiting for the GST because we cannot do anything in this. Nothing is clear till now what it will consist of and what it will bring to us.”
Mixed reactions are coming from whole country. The step taken by the government to ban 1000 and 500 notes slowed down the market little bit. The same condition is of traders in Siliguri. “The market is not going uniformly; there are lots of ups and downs now a days and market is not stable after demonetization. It will take some time to get back on track,” said Rajesh Rathee, President, ITDAS,Siliguri.

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