Siliguri: An efficient IT destination

Termed as the gateway to North East India, Siliguri is a beautiful city in the state of West Bengal. It is also famous as the capital of North Bengal and the second capital of West Bengal after Kolkata.
The prime location of the city makes it a base for indispensable supplies to its neighboring regions. The city has of-late developed as a profitable center for a variety of businesses. As a central hub, many national companies and organizations have set up their offices here. Siliguri has been recognized as a city that can materialize as a preferred destination for software development and outsourcing companies. The West Bengal Government has set up an IT Park at Siliguri for establishment of IT industries.

All these developments have led to better businesses for the dealers in the city. The dealers claim that the business graph is on an upswing since the past few months. Owing to the festivities, sales have gone up. Pankaj Dutta of Laptop Bazaar said, “Market is doing an average business, but due to the ongoing festivals, our sales have gone up.” Sankar Dhar of Protech Computers said in concurrence, “During Durga Puja and Diwali, our sales have gone up. In general also, the market is faring well and generating a decent amount of business for us.” Although all the verticals are churning business for the partners, the retail segment seems to be contributing the most. The top selling products according to Dutta is laptops followed by desktops in the city, and Dell is the major selling brand.

Talking about the vendor dealer relationship, Dutta said that he never faces any problem with his vendors. “I usually do not face any issues with my vendors. Everything is smooth on that front,” added Dutta. North Bengal IT Traders Organization (NITO), is the only association in Siliguri, which according to partners is functioning well in the region. Said Dutta, “NITO is very active and is functioning properly in the region.” Predicting the future, both Dutta and Dhar were of the view that the future hold great promises for the city, and Siliguri can surely emerge as a powerful IT destination in eastern India.

Interview: Sankar Dhar, Protech Computers



How has the market been in the last 2 months?
The market is doing good. We have seen an upswing in sales due to festivals.


What are the primary growth verticals in Siliguri?
Almost all the verticals are contributing, but retail segment is the primary growth vertical.


What are the top selling products and brands in your city?
HP printers and laptops are doing good in the region.


Do you have any computer association in Siliguri? How active is it in solving your problem?
North Bengal IT Traders Organization (NITO) is the only association at the local level. It is very active. It has also elected office bearers recently.

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