Signature campaign against predatory pricing to be run by UP association


According to offline IT market, predatory pricing is just trying to wipe out the offline market. “We are not against online but the unethical practices performed by online market. Traditional market is facing heavy drop down from last 8-9 months,” says Shiv Shankar, jt. secretary, UPCDA (Uttar Pradesh Computer Dealer’s association). Unending Dharnas, advisories and many other activities are being performed by offline traders to shake the government but no improvements are turning out.”We have been sitting in the hope that government will do take some action but no action can be seen against unethical online practices,” adds Shiv Shankar.

UPCDA has now decided to stand against the ongoing manifesto by uniting each and every partner of Uttar Pradesh .To attain the concern and to maintain unity of each partner of UP, UPCDA has decided to run ‘Hastakshar Abhiyan’ in which every IT dealer will show his concern by signing and saying that they are in favor of mission which is against unethical Online practice.

Hastakshar Abhiyan will come in action from Monday, 8 Dec to gather the concern of each dealer and to attain right to earn, live and survive on equal basis. UPCDA has initiated spreading this Abhiyaan through all the associations of Uttar Pradesh to reach out for more and more dealers. Other associations of UP are very optimistic to implement the mission.

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