Shoplifters target laptop retail shops in Delhi

DQW Bureau
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Sleek and aesthetically designed notebooks have caught the fancy of

shoplifters. In the last one-week only they have targeted Nehru Place-based

Triffin Technologies, Rajinder Nagar-based Arrow Technologies and Landmark

Technologies in Greater Kailash and lifted costly laptops. These bogus customers

target light-weight and costly laptops, which are comparatively easy to carry

and sell at good prices. 

The dealers informed that these laptop thugs pose as sophisticated and

serious buyers and usually try to become friendly with the showroom staff.

Describing the sequence of events Gurjeet Singh owner of Arrow Technologies

said, “The shoplifter who struck at our showroom tried to get familiar with

the showroom staff. He tried to engage the staff members in discussions about

the technological features of various notebooks so that nobody would be

suspicious about his moti-ves. Once he had the confidence of the staff he

disappeared with an Asus laptop.”

Singh also informed that when the thug was still inside the shop premises,

three or four more people walked into the showroom posing as customers, who were

apparently the thugs associates and provided him cover to disappear.


Serial and model

numbers of stolen laptops:

  • HP Compaq Presario:

    Model #1803; Serial No. CNC6220019

  • Asus laptop: Model

    #U5A; Serial No.U5217A-DR

  • Toshiba Satellite

    laptop: M100-343; Model # (Part # PSMA1L-00V00C); 

    Serial #46216252K

A similar event happe-ned at Triffin Technologies Nehru Place located Toshiba

showroom from where a Toshiba Satellite laptop worth Rs 70,000 was lifted

despite the fact that a CCTV camera is installed in the premises. Nitin Aggarwal,

CEO, Triffin Technologies informed, “The needle of suspicion is a man with

bulky physique wearing white kurta pyjamas who walked into our shop twice. Once

he came at around five in the evening and enquired about various laptop models.

The same person walked in again an hour later, this time he was followed by

three or four other customers as well. And within the next 10 minutes this

person escap-ed with a Toshiba laptop.”

Aggarwal informed that when he came to know about the theft and checked the

CCTV footage he was awestruck to find that the person who they were suspecting

was well aware about the fact that a closed circuit camera was insta-lled.

Aggarwal corrobora-ted, “It is pretty evident from the camera footage that

this thug was actually monitoring the movement of CCTV camera (since we have

moving camera which takes almost 16 seconds to rotate and come back to its

initial position) installed inside the showroom. He continuously stared into the

camera and walked away from the showroom once the camera altered its



Aggarwal also added that the shoplifter who cheated was not operating alone

but was rather a part of an organized gang that is specifically targeting retail

shops in Delhi.

A slightly different thing happened at Landmark Technologies wherein two men

were involved. Dinsh Kumar, Partner, Landmark Technologies explained, “A

person called N Sharma purchased a Compaq Pre-sario laptop from us (which was

supposed to be deli-vered to one Ajay Turkey) and promised to clear its payment

on delivery. When one of our emplo-yees took this laptop to Lotus Tower's at

Nehru Place Sharma asked my employee to accompany him to New Friends Colony

where he would make cash payment. But as soon as they reached New Friends Colony

Sharma disappea-red inside the colony ask-ing our employee to wait outside and

never returned back.”

Meanwhile, Aggarwal is planning to lodge an FIR with police and share camera

footage with the cops. Additionally, Aggarwal and Singh of Arrow Technologies

have also circulated e-mail messages to all the IT dealers informing them about

the incidents and physical characteristics of the thugs. Singh lamented,

“These events have become a regular affair in the IT market and to certain

extent we dealers operating in this market are only responsible for fanning

them. Due to our busy schedule we fail to communicate with our co-dealers about

these fraud, which is proving beneficial for thugs to strike at new targets

every time.”


Anjali Choudhary New Delhi, July 21