Shimla dealers join hands to resolve problems

DQW Bureau
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The newly-formed Shimla IT Dealers Association recently held a get-together attended by the dealers of Shimla, Solan and Rampur Bushahr. The meet was jointly organized by HP, where it gave a presentation of its products along with the Association. After the presentation, a discussion was held among the dealers on their day-to-day problems.

A perpetual problem that the dealers are facing is with back-ends and claims. Informed Jayant Kumar Upadhyay of Eline, “It has been observed that the companies appoint distributors in Himachal and when it comes to giving their claims and back-ends they keep on lingering. When the dispute rises, the company shifts to appointing some other dealer. And the chain goes on.”

He added, “We have decided that until and unless all the claims are cleared, no one will deal with the distis. But due to the winter season it has be-come difficult to find out who’s back-end has not been cleared. We have managed to even identify the parties who have been appointed in place of others by the vendors. But to reveal their names at this junc-ture would not be appropriate as we want to settle the matter smoothly.”


The association has planned to meet the distis’ first and try to resolve the matter but if nothing concrete comes up, then they will take some tough measures. These dealers are in no better position than their counterparts elsewhere, when it comes to payments. “There are some dealers who take credit from one dealer. And when the pay back, time comes these black sheep amongst us shift to another one to repeat the same story. We plan to expose them and warn our counterparts about doing business with them,” he disclosed.

On the other hand, Upadh-yay also said that because tough competition and the pressure of selling products leads them to deal with such unscrupulous people, “we are left with no choice.”

He further pointed out, “In The DQ Week, we come to know about people running away with crores of money but such a thing is very common at the lower levels.”

The Shimla Association is also planning to hold a get together with the newly-formed Dharamshala Dealer Association in the near future.

Karma Negi