Sharp launches 3D Internet LED TV in India

Sharp has launched a 90″ LED featuring 3D and Internet, also 108″ Full LED TV which are the biggest commercially available LED TV sets in the Indian market. 

Both televisions are Full HD, with a 1080, panel capable of running at 200Hz, giving you incredibly detailed and crystal clear action. The 90 inch set with the Smart TV functionality gets you full access to Aquos Net+ portal, including apps such as Skype and web browsing.

The Television sets can be controlled using Sharp’s own application, which allows you to easily use or browse the internet on the TV, as well as a standard remote control.
It allows you to share your pictures and videos with relatives and friends.

It also has 60″, 70″ and 80″ products which can also be used as blackboard with its super sensitive touch screen and smart stylus.

You can change the color of the board, write and doodle with stylus or your finger in any contrasting color, the writing LED allows multi-touch on-screen.

The whole television is finished in aluminium, weighing 64Kg. Looking at its huge size, the set will dominate any room..

The 90-inch LED television is available now priced at 19,99,990 INR.

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