Servers for SMBs from MAIA Intelligence

DQW Bureau
28 Nov 2008

MAIA Intelligence announced the pre-release version of its new offerings,
named 1KEY MIS Servers for small and midsize companies-1KEY Corporate MIS
Server, 1KEY Ascent MIS Server and 1KEY CEO MIS Desk.

Built on Microsoft .Net technologies, 1KEY MIS servers help SMB improve
business efficiency, increase productivity and drive growth through better MIS
Reporting. The servers are ideal for technology advisors serving the
increasingly sophisticated IT needs of SMB customers.

"Small and midsize companies are looking for many of the same MIS
capabilities and benefits as those sought by large enterprises," said Sanjay
Mehta, CEO, MAIA Intelligence. "But the technology has to be delivered as part
of simpler, integrated and more affordable solutions for organizations with
minimal IT staffs and resources," he added.

The typical MIS challenges faced by SMBs today are limited manpower and IT
resources, limited IT budgets, disparate data sources, current business climate
pressure and competition, ever changing reporting needs with changing business
conditions, dynamic government regulations and compliance reporting.

Janak Bhuta, CEO, Globalware System and Software Solutions, MAIA Consulting
Partner said, "1KEY MIS server is designed keeping our SMB clients in mind. They
make it easy for us to give our customers the freedom to work effectively from
home or on the road with updated and self-made MIS reports."

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