Senao appoints SD Computers as Premier Partner

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Delhi-based SD Computers recently announced its appoint as a premium partners

of Senao Equipments (P) Limited for their entire range of wireless products.

Senao, whose products are used mostly by ISPs, boasts of long-range wireless

products with an internal power of 200 milliwatts. "Apart from the products

we are concentrating on providing solutions to vendors. We are targeting the

corporate segment with the outdoor wireless LAN that provides point-to-point

access and also the SOHO users to provide them with anytime, anywhere Internet

connectivity on their laptops," said Harsh Wij of SD Computers.

As part of their selling strategy, the company is looking forward to building

up a relationship with their solution providers as well as value added dealers (VAD).

"We will provide our VAD with products and the know-how and give them any

additional assistance they require," said Wij.

Senao recently launched a wireless USB product with detachable antenna, which

will be available along with the other wireless products at SD Computer's

multi-branded retail outlets, two in Delhi and one in Gurgaon.


Responding to whether the company had any plans to expand on the retail front

Wij said, "This is the age of convergence and mergers and mobile phones are

the greatest examples of that. I will be focusing on solutions as this is where

the future is."

SD Computers is also a disti for Apna, eSys and Zenith PC and a retailer for

Zenith. The company's list of products include wireless networking —

internal/external (p2p/p2mp), Internet broadband solutions, broadband

connectivity solutions, ISP distribution networks, bandwidth related solutions,

VPN/mpls solutions, and VSAT solutions.

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