Secure Scanning Software and Add Ons from Kodak Alaris

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Secure Scanning Software and Add Ons from Kodak Alaris

Kodak Alaris has announced the release of its INfuse Expansion Modules, including six new software add-ons and support for a third-party card reader accessory that allows users to scan documents more securely and efficiently than before. Partners such as ISVs and Systems Integrators can now customize their core INfuse offering by adding one or more of these modules to their solutions.


“Adding accessories to enhance the functionality of systems is a widely popular concept across most business and consumer devices,” said Jim Forger, Product Line Manager at Kodak Alaris. “We see it in smart phones, computers and also in the Kodak S2000 Series Scanners with our passport and flatbed accessories. We’re now bringing this capability to our INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution.”

The INfuse Solution integrates into other applications allowing users to complete tasks more accurately and faster than ever before. Tasks previously completed in days are now measured in minutes or hours. INfuse includes three key components: the partner’s software application, INfuse Management Software, and the INfuse AX Scanner. Partners create efficient, networked document solutions such as invoice processing, medical records management, or customer account management by integrating the INfuse solution into their line of business applications through the use of APIs and plug-in modules.

INfuse provides enterprise-level security, including a separate data path, control path, and authentication path, to isolate confidential content for secure transmission. As part of the INfuse expansion, new authenticator modules for added security include: the LDAP Authentication Module, the PaperCut Authentication Module, and the ability to develop custom authentication modules for partners. All of the modules provide credentialed information from the scanner directly into a customer’s authentication system. Customers benefit from having a single authentication authority, providing more efficiency and better control over document chain of custody.


Kodak Alaris now supports secure access to INfuse AX Scanners using a third-party card reader. The HID OMNIKEY Smart Card Reader is a cost-effective way for organizations to leverage their existing user ID system to improve security while providing a user-friendly experience. For example, employees at a bank needing to process invoices can simply walk up to the INfuse AX Scanner, swipe their employee badge, and scan the invoices. Leveraging the existing credentials already used by employees and IT departments means little training is needed. Organizations can feel confident that their scanning solution is secure and an extension of their trusted authentication solution.

Streamline Your Business Scanning Processes In addition to the existing standard and partner customized connectors, four new Direct-to-destination Connector Modules are available to optimize data channel efficiency to major cloud destinations. These Connector Modules allow the scanner to scan directly to Microsoft Azure Blob storage, Amazon S3

storage, Alibaba OSS storage, or Tencent COS storage without passing through intermediate destinations. This improves security while simultaneously eliminating costs, delays, and maintenance complexities.

The Kodak Alaris subscription licensing model now offers the new INfuse Expansion Modules, allowing partners the flexibility to configure the right solution for each customer. “We are committed to expanding our modules further as technology and customer needs change,” said Forger. “Partners need customer-specific options for user authentication and destination connectors. The latest updates offer flexible options through hardware and software that deliver smart connected scanning more securely than ever before.”

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