Seagate unveils 10 new HDDs

DQW Bureau
28 Jun 2005
New Update


Seagate has introduced 10 new hard disc drives for consumer elec-tronics,

enterprise, desktop and mobile computing mar-kets. Seagate's offering for the

consumer electronics industry includes EE25 Series, which can operate in extreme

environmental resistance-in temperatures from-30 to 85 degrees C and in

high-humidity and high-altitude environments. The company also introduced the

LD25 Series, a 2.5-inch hard drive designed for the latest game consoles, and

smaller, cooler-running and more cost-effective small footprint PCs and home

entertainment devices.

Seagate has also delivered the DB35 Series, a half-tera-byte DVR enabling

storage for home media centers and HDTV.

To fulfill the storage needs for digital photo-graphy, video and handheld

devices, Seagate has intro-duced the eight GB Com-pactFlash Photo Hard Drive in

a tiny one-inch size for digital cameras. In the mobile/notebook drives segment,

the company has introduced Momentus 5400.3, a 2.5-inch hard drive based on

Perpen-dicular Recording.


In the desktop PC drives segment, the company has introduced the New

Barracuda 7200.9-combining three GB/s SATA-interface through-put-double that

of first-generation SATA-with 500GB of capacity, 16 Mbytes of cache and Native

Command Queuing (NCQ).

Seagate will also int-roduce the new FireWire 800 (IEEE 1394b) interface for

the external hard drive capable of supporting data rates up to 800Mbps. The

company would announce the prices as and when the products become available in

the market.

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