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Kanpur based SDMC Electronic Division is all set to make inroads into two cities within a period of six months. The company has chalked out plans to increase its focus towards wholesale business and as a part of this initiative it is going to have its wholesale presence in Dehradun and


"In our business a clear focus is very important and we have decided to focus more towards wholesale. So within six months time we are going to have our Dehradun and Indore offices," said PK Gupta, MD,


The wholesale efforts of the company will be driven by its plans to import Computer Cabinets, keyboards and mouse from Singapore and Hong Kong markets. "We have identified some Singapore and Hong Kong based companies who can partner with us for al India distribution of their products. Once we start our wholesale initiative there will be no distribution channel layer between foreign companies and our Indian customers. So on an average the customer will save about two percent on the price of these peripherals," Gupta added.


In addition to this the company also plans to have its service centers within the UP region to cater to the statewide market.

"Today service is becoming a big issue and customers are demanding better services from distributors. Once we have our wholesale centers in place, we will also have four service centers located at Kanpur, Lucknow, Ghaziabad and Varanasi to cater to the needs of our customers," Gupta informed.

SDMC started its operations way back in the year 1993 under the name - Samarth Dal Mill Co Pvt Ltd and it started its IT product distribution division in the year 1996. The company distributes products through a network of more than 400 resellers and partners spread primarily in the Northern region.


Powered by its strong focus towards LG distribution, the company managed to garner more than Rs 14 crore for the financial year 2002-2003. "This is quite an achievement for us, a year before that we were at around Rs 5 crore, but during the year 2002-2003 we exceeded Rs 14 crore. Out of this more than Rs 6 crore came from our LG business only," Gupta added.

Zia Askari