Science City project unveiled by Gujarat govt

DQW Bureau
09 Jun 2001

Binu Alex


The Union Home Minister, L K Advani unveiled the ambitious
'Science City' project developed by the government of Gujarat.
Termed as the link between science, industry and community and
meant to popularize science using 'Edutainment', the Science City
will also help in developing scientific temper, nurturing and
stimulating scientific faculties, showcasing breakthroughs in
science and technology and establishing countrywide network.

But industry sources have crossed the fingers as another pet
project, Info City at Gandhinagar is yet to take off and all the
tall claims have gone haywire. Part of it, sources say, is
attributed to the January 26, 2001 killer quake and the
continuing drought conditions in the state. They add that unless
the state makes some statutory changes, like lifting the
prohibition, situation will not improve.

The political analysts have also questioned the objective behind
the project saying the human conditions have to be improved
before science is introduced. "What is the use of a science
that can not give proper food and water to the people of Gujarat?
The only questions is of fixing priorities right," felt some
of them.

Speaking on the occasion, Advani however, said that more than
physical strength or financial strength, it is the strength of knowledge that drives any nation. Advani, along with all the
cabinet of the state government lighted the lamp amidst heavy
showers. The rain forced the organizers to cancel many shows that
were scheduled for the evening.

85 percent of the vast land, covering over 500 acres of land is
reserved for tree avenues, gardens, water bodies, rockeries and
horticulture parks. A space park and a solar park are also in the
offing. Another attraction is an IMAX 3D-film theatre with a
seating capacity of about 550 people with images ten times larger
than a conventional 35-mm frame and a number of pavilions.

Bimal Shah, State Minister of Information and Technology also
sounded optimistic at the project. He said that the project will
be one of its kinds in Asia and he plans to promote tourism once
it develops. Anantkumar, Union Tourism Minister, also echoed the


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