Schneider Electric displays ‘Smart Energy’ at Intelect 2015

Schneider Electric India showcased its innovative and diverse range of smart energy solutions at Intelect 2015 organized by IEEE in Mumbai. The theme of the event was smart electricity.

The platform allowed Schneider Electric to provide a virtual, graphic-facilitated demonstration of how smart electricity integrates different aspects of a smart city.

Smart Energy will define the future of real estate and the definition of quality living. Commercial and residential buildings account for up to 40% of energy use in most countries. Using energy efficiency measures and focusing on sustainable practices building owners and operators who invest in green building strategies will reduce the impact of climate change, preserve the quality of human life, improve business performance, and meet governmental regulations. Schneider Electric showcased how it’s smart and adaptive solutions help manage the challenges thrown open by the complexity of networks.

Top officials across different business units from Schneider Electric were also present at the exhibition and shared their views on how smart solutions will play a major role in the whole digital revolution that has gripped India today. Prakash Chandraker, VP, Energy BU, Schneider Electric India and Charbel Aoun, Senior Vice President, Schneider Electric delivered keynote address on the topic of smart cities.

Speaking at the event Anil Chaudhry, country president and managing director, Schneider Electric India said, “The year 2015 is expected to be a turnaround year for the Indian power sector as the centre aims to meet its goal of providing uninterrupted electricity supply to all households and smart solutions will play a major role in achieving energy efficiency and sustainability. The government has set the ball rolling with a plethora of announcements that are set to revive the power sector in 2015 and Schneider Electric whole-heartedly supports the favorable and progressive announcements by the government.”

Schneider Electric displayed the virtues and facilities of its Smart solutions across Energy, Power, Buildings and Solar business. The expertise in Smart City space was showcased by offering a first-hand experience of simulated environments that deploy solutions across smart energy, smart mobility, smart water, smart public services and smart integration, highlighting Schneider Electric as the provider for integrated Smart City solutions. From the Buildings side, SmartStruxure and SmartStruxure Lite which help both mid to large size and small buildings achieve maximum efficiency were displayed. Smart LV Panels, Smart Meters and Smart Energy Management Systems demonstrated and showcased how these solutions are connected to the internet and cloud-based applications via Ethernet to create a seamless integration for managing smart power infrastructure. The expertise in renewable sector was showcased through the display of inverters for commercial buildings and power plants.



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