Scallion ties up with Genovate Solutions

DQW Bureau
New Update


Chennai-based Scallion Technologies has tied up with Singapore-based Genovate Solutions for setting up two application development centers in Chennai and 10 training centers within a year in South India. Genovate intends to invest about Rs 7.7 crore in the next 12-18 months in India with the major chunk being invested in training and content management. 

Scallion offers Genovate's IT training in JAVA technology, CRM technology, XML, SCM and next generation WAP technologies. It would also offer e-commerce training and certifications from Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) of USA and ASP Linux who are Genovate's principals. Scallion aims to enroll 2000 students in the first year and generate Rs 3.9 crore. The course fee ranges from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000. 

Students performing well would be absorbed into the application development centers in Chennai or by Genovate in Singapore or Australia. Scallion expects to generate about Rs 5.1 crore from the application development centers. 

Anton Ravindran, CEO, Genovate, feels that the four major areas of growth in the industry in the future would be CRM, SCM, Wireless technologies and e-market places. "Supply Chain Management has a huge potential in Asia Pacific because of the larger number of manufacturing companies. Customer Relations Management market is expected to grow to $21 million by 2003. We are in the right technology areas and our focus here would help us meet the demands in emerging technologies."

Genovate provides turnkey projects, design, development and implementation of customized software, e-services, training and IT consulting services.