Savera Digital sees huge changes in market for PC components

Savera Digital India is one of the fastest growing IT distribution houses in India. The company is engaged in distribution of various types of IT products, and is a key distribution market player with a nationwide reach, robust product portfolio and superior service in India. In recent times, the shift towards mobile is one of the key trends affecting the PC components market. Smartphone penetration in India is nearly five times that of PC penetration according to recent statistics. This is primarily owing to the fact that smartphones apart from the utility they provide also act as a fashion statement and a status symbol. Hence, consumers are prone to changing their smartphones more frequently than a PC.

Gopal Pansari Director at Savera Digital India, shedding insight on evolving market trends says, “ ? In the recent years we have seen changing demands for technology according to different trends available in the market. Technology is dynamic so people are finding easier and appropriate means to cope up with the fast paced life. Talking about PCs, a slight downfall is seen in terms of sales and preferences. These days’ people are adopting newer/modified versions of Personal Computers such as laptops, tablets, etc.”

These expectations are in line with IDC’s report which highlights that the worldwide PC shipments in Q4 2015 amounted to 71.9 million units, which is a -10.6 per cent year-on-year decline. However, new launches in the first quarter of 2017 are set to give a new lease of life to pc shipments.

Pansari intones, “ We are no longer in a world of primary computing; different modifications are taking place day by day which is the need of changing lifestyle. The PC industry is not coming close to any kind of extinction, it’s just evolving with time and its very meaning is changing. I feel latest technology and innovation will help to bring out a great change in the features and specifications of the upcoming Tablet PCs as they are getting a tremendous response from the users and thus the modification in the Tablet technology will surely create a buzz in the Tablet PC market.”
However, Savera expects the strong emergence of the enthusiast segment in India, NUC sticks and low cost laptops to enhance penetration of PC components in the country. Furthermore, GST shall also help bring the cost of production of PC components manufactured indigenously down leading to brighter prospects for the sector, overall.

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