Satyam Computer Services team up with i2 Technologies

Satyam Computer Services have teamed up with i2 Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, to develop and deliver e-business solutions worldwide based on i2’s entire range of products, especially, Tradematrix. The partnership worth “hundreds of million dollars” and considered to “have a reasonable impact on the revenue of both the companies”, have come about as a result of Satyam’s focus on enhancing its capabilities in e-business consulting. Satyam and i2 together would launch a joint marketing and branding programs to promote the use of i2 solutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Since there was a growing demand for e-business solutions, particularly, i2 based solutions, from our existing as well as prospective custom base, we decided on partnering with i2 Technologies,” said G B Prabhat, Director, Enterprise Business Solutions, Satyam Computer Services. i2’s Tradematrix suite of products caters to every segment of business such as e-commerce, Supply Chain Management, Supplier Relations Management, Customer Relations Management and Content Management.

According to the agreement, the revenue from the licenses would accrue to i2 Technologies whereas the revenue from implementing and servicing i2 based solutions would accrue to Satyam Computers.

i2 Technologies, which started business in India 15 months ago, has entered into the strategic partnership with Satyam to cash in on the opportunities Indian markets presented. “With the considerable opportunities in the Indian market and no infrastructure to address them, we believe this alliance would help us deliver measurable value to the required customers. We are anticipating a #12-15 million worth of licenses in the year 2001,” said Peter O’ Connor, General Manager, Asia South, i2. 

Satyam, which would become the premier education partner of i2 in Asia Pacific region, is keen on building one of the biggest i2 literate workforce in the world.

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