SATAPro HDD enclosures from Onnto

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Onnto introduced the O'TOSTORE SATAPro range of HDD

enclosures. SATA, due to its unbridled data transfer speed has long been prized

as the ultimate HDD interface choice. SATAPro HDD enclosures allow a SATA HDD to

be used in an external storage solution for the first time. The advent of the

eSATA shielded cable and connector, mandated by the SATA II standard, brings the

speed of SATA to appropriately equipped systems and offers unsurpassed

flexibility with SATA to USB2.0, FireWire400 or Firewire800 conversion, enabling

use of SATAPro HDD enclosures with systems, which do not provide an eSATA port.

Whether using the SATA, USB2.0, FireWire 400 or FireWire 800

interface, data is transferred at a fast speed.



  • The hybrid TB-M12O 3.5-inch SATA to eSATA/USB2.0/FireWire800

    HDD enclosure offers the convenience of multiple data transfer interfaces

    and additionally provides an eSATA connector and a shielded external SATA

    cable for enabling high speed SATA data transfer between the TB-M12O

    enclosure and a desktop computer that supports SATA. The TB-M12O further

    enhances flexibility with the bundled six-pin to nine-pin FireWire cable and

    USB2.0 cable for connecting the TB-M12O to the FireWire 400 or USB2.0 port

    of any notebook or desktop computer.

  • The ST-EKB2 SATA-eSATA extension cable with bracket is an

    optional solution for users who wish to use the ST-M10 or TB-M12O with a

    mainboard equipped with a SATA II connector but no eSATA port.

  • The TB-S12O 2.5-inch SATA to USB2.0/FireWire/FireWire800 HDD

    enclosure overcomes the lack of SATA II (eSATA) interface port support in

    current notebook configurations and most desktop models, which prevents

    connection of a SATA HDD via an eSATA port. The

    TB-S12O converts any 2.5-inch SATA HDD into a stylish, durable USB2.0,

    FireWire 400, or FireWire 800 combo enclosure, allowing you to access your

    SATA HDD through the popular USB or FireWire interfaces available in most

    computers. Like the TB-M12O, the TB-S12O also provides FireWire repeater


  • The ST-M10 3.5-inch SATA to eSATA HDD enclosure offers

    capacity for a serial ATA hard drive and the convenience of an eSATA

    connector. This drive provides the same great features of our other SATAPro

    models with the simplicity of a single eSATA port. System administrators

    will appreciate hot-swap support, which allows rapid HDD exchange without

    powering down the ST-M10 or the host.

As with all O'TSTORE enclosures, every SATAPro family model

offers protection for your hard drive with a rugged, thermally efficient,

aluminum housing. The heat-dissipating properties of aluminum protect your data

by maintaining the optimum temperature for HDD operation. The hard drive is

further protected by O'TOSTORE's advanced Stable Mounting System technology

creates an anti-shock chamber for your HDD by combining internal shock

absorbers, reverse-c mounts, and self-aligning guide rails together with the

proven impact resistance of aluminum. The Stable Mounting System protects your

hardware investment against impact damage, accidental drops and bumps and even

maintains HDD stability if the enclosure flips over or encounters violent