SAP to get 40% business through channels

New Update

SAP has big plans and vision which includes having 1billion users and 40 % of the software business through the channel partners.

Addressing the media here, Tom Kindermans, said, the key technology trends SAP is focusing on are mobility, in-memory computing and cloud. "SAP is keen on the innovations in five market categories like mobile, analytics, applications, database and technology and cloud." Quoting reports from Gartner, he said that accessibility has become a key are to be addressed. 

He also said that some of the mega trends that are transforming business today are shipments of smartphones, social media, internet traffic, global cloud market, regulations and policies and increased equipment/software.

"Some of the SAP difference are trusted, fast, easy, anytime access, expertise and collaborative", he said further saying that SAP's deployment will be in tune with the growth of the 80% of data every year.", Kindermans added further.

Speaking on channels he said that SAP is constantly in the lookout for increasing the channel partners even though the company is not a 100% channel-dependant company. "Channel partners play a key role and worldwide we are increasing 25-40% of the channel strength and some of the key focus areas will be Banking, Retail, PSU.", he said further adding that some of the new partner stratergies will be in two ways- adding new partners and motivating the existing partners grow faster in their own business.