Sanjeev Keskar, Country Manager, AMD

DQW Bureau
25 Jul 2001
New Update


Keskar, 36, holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in the field of

electronics and telecom and a Masters degree in business administration from

Pune University.

Till date, AMD has been a washout as far as the Indian market is concerned.

Despite the fact that the Indian PC market crossed the magical one million mark

more than two years back, it did not show the desired seriousness towards this

important market. As a result, there was nobody to challenge the monopoly of


Things finally started moving just about a year back when AMD opened a

one-man liaison office in New Delhi. After that it took them almost a year to

locate the top boss to get things going.


And they could not have found a better person than Sanjeev Keskar who took

over as AMD's Country Manager for India on May 1. Based in Delhi he moved to AMD

from National Semiconductor, where he was in a similar position and was based in

Bangalore. He has brought with him a rich experience and understanding of the

channel market. Prior to National, Keskar worked for Avnet Max, which is a

premier distributor of AMD in India.

He brings with him extremely rich experience of the Indian semiconductor

market. With in-depth understanding of the industry, as well as his

well-established business network, he aims at expanding AMD's business in the

country. AMD will seek to break the stranglehold of Intel amongst the channels.

And here Keskar will play a key role.

Keskar who holds overall responsibility for the company's Indian operations,

will provide key leadership to extensively raise AMD's profile in the Indian

market. One of his key focus areas is to further develop AMD's overall business

strategy to increase business in the fast growing Indian PC market. He will play

a key role in expanding sales revenue and operations.

The results are already visible. AMD recently ran a very successful Shop

Decor contest for the resellers of Nehru Place. The scheme which was run to

increase AMD's visibility both inside and outside the point of sale has already

started to reap benefits for resellers as the inquiry levels shot up