SanDisk and Supermicro forms strategic alliance

SanDisk Corporation and Supermicro announced a strategic alliance to bring out a unique class of next-generation software defined all-flash storage solutions for the data center. At the core of this collaboration are SanDisk’s InfiniFlash System—a high-capacity and extreme-performance flash-based storage system and Supermicro’s leading high-performance servers. The joint solution aligns with the growth of disaggregated data centers propelled by Big Data and cloud environments.

These solutions will also be made available with Nexenta’s flagship Open SDS unified file and block storage platform, and the NexentaStor platform.InfiniFlash is a next-generation storage platform created by SanDisk offering 5x the density2, 50x the performance and 4x the reliability, while consuming 80 percent less power than traditional hard disk drive (HDD) arrays3.

InfiniFlash also delivers breakthrough pricing for an all-flash hardware solution starting at less than $1 per gigabyte (GB) for an all-flash system4 without requiring compression or de-duplication technologies. With software stacks that offer data reduction schemes, the effective cost/GB goes down even more significantly to unprecedented levels (example: 20 cents/GB based on a 5X data reduction factor).

The InfiniFlash IF500 for Openstack/CEPH combined with Supermicro servers significantly lowers the cost of private cloud data storage in a petabyte-scale OpenStack® environment. Scaling out adds compute and storage capacity nodes to an existing configuration, delivering a massive capacity, high-density, all-flash storage system with scalable performance and breakthrough economics for customers with big data storage requirements.

Our partnership with Supermicro and Nexenta brings the best of both worlds to data centers: breakthrough economics compared to traditional all-flash array deployments, and dramatically higher performance, improved reliability and lower power consumption compared to hard disk drive-based arrays,” said Ravi Swaminathan, vice president and general manager, System and Software Solutions, SanDisk. “These offerings will enable customers to economically deploy flash at petabyte-scale, which will drive business growth through new services and offerings for their end-customers.”

Supermicro end-to-end computing solutions deliver the best performance, efficiency, scalability and reliability needed in the rapidly evolving all-flash storage system market,” said Don Clegg, vice president of Marketing and Business Development, Supermicro. “Our collaboration with SanDisk and Nexenta to develop integrated, all-flash based storage solutions accelerates deployment of next-generation storage technologies, maximizing performance per watt, per dollar, and per square foot to drive down overall TCO with our economies of scale.”

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