Samsung unveils gold coin scheme for resellers

DQW Bureau
New Update


Samsung Electronics India Information and Telecommunication Ltd (SEIIT) has announced the launch of an exciting 'Gold Coin' scheme for their channels on purchases in June-July, 2001. This scheme is applicable to resellers (buying from Preferred Printer Dealers).

Samsung has identified select partners in every city who would be supported by Samsung in their attempts to aggressively promote the laser printers. Ranging from one to six per city, the number was deliberately limited to ensure healthy margins for all. These select partners have been christened - "Preferred Printer Dealers". In Chennai, Ingram Micro and Savex Computers have been chosen as


The Gold Coin Scheme is being offered as a way to promote these Preferred Printer Dealers. Resellers who buy 'only' from these "Preferred Printer Dealers" can get gold coins. Resellers get a 5 gm gold coin on purchase of every three Samsung Lasers from the PPDs. And they get a 10 gm gold coin on purchase of every five Samsung Lasers (one printer has to be a ML 5200A or a ML 6060).

This is an attempt by Samsung to tap the reseller segment who play a large role in selling to the SME/ SOHO segments. It also shows a tangible benefit of being a Samsung Preferred Printer Dealer as sales would be routed through these "chosen few" only.

"Though the gold coins are only for resellers, the PPDs are automatically motivated as a special status is being accorded to them - all promotional ads and communications would carry their names," said Moninder N Jain, Country Product Manager for Samsung's Office Automation Division.