Samsung takes on HP in 'Best Printer Challenge'

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Samsung is getting aggressive in the laser printer market and takes on competitor HP head-on by launching it 'Best Printer Challenge'. The snappy scheme tells customers that with the Samsung ML 1210 mid range office printer and the Samsung ML 1450 professional printer, they are infact looking at the best laser printers money can buy. To further drive home the point, Samsung compares the above mentioned printers with its HP counterparts. While there may not be a big difference in the prices, the advanced features and performance of the Samsung printers speak for itself.

The Samsung ML 1210 is an entry-level printer with 12 ppm speed, 8 MB memory, a 66 MHz processor and parallel USB interface. The ML 1210 is 13"x13.9"x9" in dimension and supports Windows, Linux and iMac environments. Priced at Rs 17,000, the ML 1210 come with a free extra toner.

The Samsung ML 1450 is a mid level printer with 14 ppm speed, 12 MB standard memory, a monthly duty cycle of 20,000 and a toner capacity of 6000. The ML 1450 comes with Level 3 Postscript, 136 fonts and a tray (cassette) type input. Priced at Rs 21,200, the ML 1450 supports Windows, Linux and iMac environments.

The Samsung ML 1210 and ML 1450, under the 'Best Printer Challeneg' is available at the following places in Chennai: Challenger Computers (8413124/25), Colt Computers (8231956, 8272889), Kankaria Computers (841025/26), Magnum Computers (8418225), Prakruti Marketing Services (8130324/325), Supreme Computers (8550884/8548531), Universal Micro Systems (8523756), S3 Computers (8594458).

Patricia Sridhar