Samsung takes its 'Regal Club' partners to Italy

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India is taking its class-A trade partners to Italy for a four-day


starting on May 9. The Korean company has chosen 25 partners

across India for this trip and has put them under the Regal Club

category. Talking about the criteria behind selecting partners for

this activity, a Samsung official said, “Samsung has formed a Regal

Club with a group of selected people of its class-A trade partners.

These people are included in this group based on criteria like the

size of their business with Samsung, their business potential and the

number of years of association with Samsung. Samsung partners would

be a major contributor to Samsung's turnover. These partners also

think that they will grow their business very strongly being

associated with Samsung. This selected group will interact with

Samsung through organized forums and provide a strong market

understanding and feedback. Since, it will be an outdoor event, the

idea is also to have fun with work.”

Meanwhile, three partners out of the

lot have been chosen from the Delhi region and they are all looking

forward to interacting one-on-one with the Samsung management. “It

will be a brainstorming session for us. Samsung keeps on doing events

like these for its partners. It has been a 12-year old association

with the company and I am all geared up for this trip,” said Ajaya

Kumar, CEO, Park Group, New Delhi. For some partners, the trip to

Italy means a much needed break from their daily exhausting schedule.

“I am not much aware of the things that Samsung would talk about. I

will take it as it comes. I am hoping it turns out to be a nice trip

and something concrete comes out of the interaction,” summed up

Bharat Bhushan of RR Systems, New Delhi.