Samsung’s NetGains to push high-end products

DQW Bureau
New Update


Samsung has announced the launch of NetGains, a point-based incentive

program, for its 170 star elite partners. Unlike previous programs, partners

will earn points only on meeting assigned weekly targets. This also marks a

departure from the earlier practice of monthly targets.

The program is being run in its entirety on and is applicable

on the purchase of any Samsung product. However, partners will earn greater

number of points on the sale of high-end products, like TFT LCD monitors, laser

printers and combo-drives.

Said Monider Jain, National Marketing Manager, SEIIT, “Points earned are

directly proportional not only to the value but also to the strategic importance

of the product.”


Targets will be set by the company on a weekly basis from Monday to Saturday

and non-achievement of weekly targets will lead to penalties. Points earned can

be exchanged for gifts ranging from dinners to cars.

Under the NetGains umbrella, Samsung also launched a five-week program,

InterTrade, for rewarding resellers buying high-end products from NetGains

partners. To make the program easy to execute Samsung has issued InterTrade

cheque books to partners.

A cheque is issued with every product sold by the partner to a reseller to

validate the sale. The reseller registers on and enters the

InterTrade cheque numbers to earn points. “This is hassle free as we will do

the validation of the sales,” said Jain.

Mohit Chhabra