Samsung launches TFT–LCD Premier Partner club

DQW Bureau
13 Nov 2003
New Update


In a bid to help create exclusivity and premium image around the busi-ness, Samsung India Electronics Ltd has announced the launch of an exclusive club called TFT LCD Premier Partner

(TLPP) club.

Membership to the exclusive TLPP Club will be by invitation only based on past perfor-mance. Membership will be revised every two months and new Members will be added and existing membership will be reviewed based on perfor-mance of the TLPP club mem-bers in those two months. 

All cities across the country have been slotted into A+, A, B, C and D categories based on factors like current busi-ness scenario, future market potential, competition stre-ngth etc. TLPP club members will be expected to perform according to their city category.


TLPPs need to achieve the Assigned Purchase Target, assigned to the TLPP by the Samsung Regional Sales Manager (RSM) for each month based on market potential. In addition to the target achievement, all TLPP club members have to carry demo units of specified models from the SyncMaster TFT-LCD range and carry out product demos whenever any customer request for a demo. 

The TLPP will also be given special demo cases to protect their demo units from damage. According to the company, the main attractions of the TLPP club include exclusivity, one TLPP in every city, attractive sales incentive, special promo-tion schemes exclusively for TLPP, special training programs for TLPP and their sales force and TLPP certification and awards.

“With a 10 percent market share in India, TFT LCD market is really growing This year the market size is 100,000 and by next year it will grow by 250,000.With launch of TLPP club we ensure sustained pull for TFT LCDs from tier II partners,” said Hari Pandey, Manager ( IT and Telecom Division TFT LCD display solution Product), Samsung India

electronics Ltd.

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