Samsung launches ‘Get Your Gold’ program

Samsung has come out with a ‘Samsung Gets You Gold’ program for its partners for their contribution to upgrading the market promoting the Samsung range of high end products. This program is valid from 11th-31st March 2003.

Samsung has also launched the Team Samsung program, a recognition and rewards program for all the PC assemblers, system builders and

The objective of the ‘Samsung Gets You Gold’ program is to re-inforce the commitment to upgrading the Indian market and to reward contributors efforts in upscaling the Indian customer and selling value products. 

The process to win under the Team Samsung Gold is all team Samsung members are expected to stock certain units of high end product from the Samsung Tech Essentials range and the minimum stocks are Two Units of 17 inch Monitors two units of CDRW /combo drives, two units of 7200 HDD’s and there would be a surprise visit from a designated ‘Team Samsung’ Gold inspector at the premises any day from now till March 31st. 

The Gold Inspector will check the physical availability of the above specified high end PC essentials. He would also take down the serial number and will verify the invoice of the same. 

In case the Team Samsung member has the above minimum number of Samsung PC essentials as defined above he can win instant rewards. 

The reward is a Special Edition ‘Gold Coin’ from Tanishq. This will be given instantaneously after verification by the Gold inspector. 

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