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Sambalpur Partners seeks Price Support from Vendors

While the nation has accepted the GST another major issue is being raised by the IT Partners of Sambalpur, West Odisha. The IT dealers expect more support from OEMs and vendors for  price protection.

According to the facts, Central Government is raising 60% rebate for one year stocks. But in the current scenario of the IT market, the trade bodies are getting loss of 6% after GST, which becomes the biggest threat now. Not only in Odisha but this is a problem which every T3 distributors are facing in their respective trades.

Talking to The DQ Week Vikas Kapani, President of West Odisha Information technology Association (WOITA) says, “After the Implementation of GST, none of the Vendors are supporting in cost protection as the national and regional distributors has already cleared their stocks. And the vendors are focusing only on T1 and T2 partners. But we T3 Partners who are carrying the stocks, needs the actual attention“.

“On the same issue we will shortly conduct a meeting in which all the association members and dealers will make their presence to discuss the current major issues of channel partners.” Kapani adds.

Expressing the pain Abhishek Poddar, Distributor in Sambalpur shares, “We are lacking the price support from any vendor, and they are literally silent about giving any price protection to the dealers. If the condition will remain same, it will be hard to sustain in the market.”

Anup Agrawal of Nexgen Communication said, “Throughout the year we are fulfilling vendors targets, no doubt they are also giving our incentives but they should also stand with us when we need them”.



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