Sai Infosystems to offer Video Telephony Services

DQW Bureau
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In their bid to enhance the communication experi­ences of customers across

the country, Ahmedabad-based Sai Infosystems has tied up with BSNL to offer

Video telephony services on the latter's broadband network. While the tie-up was

announced in Ahmedabad on May 16, the commercial roll-out of the services will

begin from August 10.

Sunil Kakkad

CMD- Sai Infosystems

Talking about the tie up, Sunil Kakkad, CMD- Sai Infosystems stated, “Sai

Infosystems has been into system integration business for quite some time now.

However, we are now looking at diversifying into telecom space. Even though the

concept of video conferencing has been prevalent within the corporates, the high

equipment and service costs have discouraged the common people to adopt video

conferencing and enjoy its benefits further. Sai will ensure that Video

Communication services are made affordable for the masses.”


The tie-up will see Sai Infosystems offer value added services on wire-line

as well as wireless medium. While the connectivity for the service will be

provided by BSNL, the service will be provided and marketed by Sai. In addition,

a wide range of phone equipments from simple to high end models have also been

introduced in the market. The launch will be done in a phased manner across

North and West India. Initially with bigger cities like Ahmedabad and the state

capitals will be covered and gradually it will be introduced in North and West


In addition to this, the company has chalked out several growth plans that

will see it strengthen its own brand of PCs and laptops further. Sai already has

a Rs 10,000 desktop and Rs 15,000 laptop as part of its product portfolio and

will be introducing Rs 10,000 laptop by the end of September this year.

Following the launch, Sai will strengthen its retail presence by entering into

partnership with LFR's and SFR's.

“We have around 400 support engineers on board and our technical expertise

will help us penetrate into the upcoun­try market further,”added Kakkad.