Sagarmatha opens office in Mumbai

DQW Bureau
07 Dec 2005


Delhi-based Shree Sagarmatha Distributors Pvt Ltd opened its

new office at Mumbai in the first week of November. Through this first branch in

the Western region, the disti plans to penetrate into more and more cities of

the West for its Tech-Com products.

About the new plans for the Western region, Vinay Kumar


Marketing Head, Shree Sagarmatha Distributors Pvt Ltd said, "The places,

which we have in mind are Nashik, Sholapur, Kolhapur and suburbs of Mumbai."

Along with the plans to enhance its presence in West, another

important focus of this new branch would be to support the disti's existing

channels with a better service. "Since we have also a service center in our

new office, we can provide servicing in maximum two days. In fact the products

coming from the nearest vicinity can be serviced hand to hand," said Kedia.

According to Kedia, the new office will also help in reducing

the cost of distribution of the products in West. It is because all the Tech-Com

products arrive in India from Taiwan at the Mumbai port. "Before, our goods

landed in the Mumbai port and then it was transferred to our head office at

Delhi. After that again to distribute the products in West, we had to send them

back. But since we have an office in Mumbai, hence our cost for distributing the

products in the region will be minimized to a great extent." He also said

that Sagarmatha would be launching more of innovative products in the coming


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