Robbers strike at a city retail shop

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DQW News Bureau Chennai, Oct 23

It has caught everyone's fascination, including robbers.

Laptops and TFTs were stolen from a city retail shop last week, which has sent

shock waves among resellers. The culprits made off with 13 laptops and two LCD

monitors, costing nearly Rs 6.5 lakh. The incident took place on October 18,

2006 night, a few hours after the shop was closed. "We found out only the

next morning when we opened the shop for business. We immediately rushed to the

police station and filed a complaint. Now the police are investigating the

matter," said G Karthikeyan, Partner, Alfa Computers.

Alfa Computers was started in 1996 as a consumables dealer and

slowly, graduated into a retailer-with the opening of their multi-branded

showroom early this year. "We were growing consistently in the market and

have became a popular retailer in our region. It is very unfortunate to meet a

situation like this now, when we are working on our expansion plans," said

S Sathyamoorthy, Partner, Alfa Computers. Last year, the company registered a

turnover of Rs 1.92 crore in business.



Computers has meanwhile approached Sneham-a regional association for system

assemblers, to inform and alert all the resellers about this theft. The company

has also prepared a list of products stolen from their shop (with product serial

numbers), which is being circulated in the market to inform resellers and seek

their help in tracking the materials. "We believe the products will come

back to the market for sale and we are seeking resellers support to catch the

culprit. We have taken the association's support to shoot e-mails to all the

resellers, while circulating a list on our own in Ritchie Street market,"

quipped Karthikeyan.

"We, at Sneham, are taking concerted efforts to help our

reseller friend. We have informed all the city resellers and are seeking their

help to track the materials. We will do our best in this matter," said H

Ratnakumar, President, Sneham.

The products stolen from Alfa Computers include entry-level,

mid-range and high-end laptops of brands such as Acer, HP, Compaq and Lenovo.

"We also lost two LCD monitors of HP and Lenovo brand," added

Sathyamoorthy. One consoling factor in the whole episode is that Alfa Computers

has insured their stock, which comes as a relief to the resellers.