FM45 R&M

R&M FM45 Brings Freedom to The Construction Site

R&M is extending its range of field-mountable FM45 network connectors. The FM45 comes as a straight or angled version for Cat. 5e connections, as well as a shielded version with metal housing. For high-performance connections of the category Cat. 6A, R&M offers shielded and unshielded types in an angled or straight form. There is also a variant with an outer housing for protection class IP67 for industrial applications.

Standard-compliant connections can be established anywhere without any special tools with the FM45. Connection termination just takes a minute and conductors no longer need to be stripped. When pressing the wiring cover closed, contact is made by means of IDCs. The tin-coated R&M IDCs guarantee gas-tight, vibration-resistant and corrosion-protected wiring of stranded and solid cable with tensile strength and long-term stability.

The FM45 enables data transmission up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Its specifications and attenuation values surpass the parameters defined in the standard. The Cat. 6A type is used to install Class EA channels in accordance with the ISO/IEC 11801 standard. It also supports the deployment of Power over Ethernet to 4PPoE. The FM45 additionally allows a combined A and B wiring of the cables. As an option, you can attach colored coding elements or IP protection sleeves.

Areas of application are structured cabling, local data networks, direct connections, bulk connections, switch links and lots of other applications of twisted-pair copper cabling. Industrial Ethernet, bus and data connections in building automation, security and communications technology, the Internet of Things and home networks are also among the FM45 connector’s areas of application.

The FM45 is ideal when existing buildings are to be converted into smart ones. In addition to old installations, new network cables and RJ45 jacks have to be installed. The FM45 can lead to fast solutions in these cases. Installers have the flexibility to decide on site how the cable is to be laid, where it is to be cut, and also where the connector is to be placed. They can react to customers’ requirements, changes of plan as well as surprises without any wastage. In many cases, using the FM45 saves having to install outlets.

Retrofitting of WLAN access points for better radio coverage both inside and outside buildings can easily be carried out using field-terminable connectors. Spontaneous network installations for concerts, trade shows and events can also be implemented with the FM45. Finally the FM45 connectors are used as support for servicing and maintenance, temporary installations or when repairing networks. This means installers can respond to acute challenges in the project.

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