R&M expands the network management system R&M inteliPhy 3.0

R&M recently announced the expansion of Network Management System R&M inteliphy3.0. This new version R&M inteliPhy 3.0 includes an expanded multi-site function, allowing detailed information to be managed for all locations operated by the user. The system collects data, for example, on buildings, rooms, cabling, network cabinets, and other IT infrastructure features.

The R&MinteliPhy hardware monitors the plug connections, racks and distributors on site. It sends port operating condition status reports via the internet to the server, which is equipped with R&MinteliPhy 3.0. IT administrators can therefore monitor all areas of the company network or entire local data networks for clients without interruption and without having to be on site.

Gaurav Ahluwalia , managing director at R&M said, ” IT managers working for large organizations are constantly worrying about whether the network is working at all locations. R&MinteliPhy allows IT managers to monitor every plug connection in real time, regardless of the location. This will benefit them in realtime tracking and monitoring of the network. They can also send work orders to technicians via the system “.

R&M inteliPhy can detect the exact location of an interrupted plug connection, for example, allowing the on-site service staff to react more quickly and more precisely. Any free resources in the racks can be determined centrally and migrations can be planned universally. The locations are connected via encrypted standard internet connections.

The automated infrastructure management system R&M inteliPhy can also be linked with geographical information systems (GIS). Data from public or private GIS servers, available digitized circuit boards and other location-specific data can be directly integrated. This helps network designers to plan the development and expansion of data networks with digital circuit boards. They are better able to orientate themselves and can find suitable network solutions for complex locations.

Furthermore, R&M inteliPhy 3.0 supports the precise documentation of cabling in buildings and data centers, at company premises or other branches, across parts of a city or entire regions. This allows operators of broadband networks and real estate companies to centrally plan, manage and monitor their Fiber to the Home (FTTH) projects using R&M inteliPhy.

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