R&M displays Data Center Portfolio at Datacenter Dynamics

Swiss cabling specialist R&M, participated in The Datacenter Dynamics Converged event held in Bangalore on the 15th and 16th of July.  Event brought together professionals in the data center industry within the span of two days to connect, network and share current industry trends as well as challenges.

R&M was an exhibit partner at the event, and  displayed their innovative product portfolio and Swiss technology. The stall displayed R&M’s data center solution portfolio which enabled DC professionals to get a hands-on experience of the products.

Also, event enabled many DC professionals to network and get clarifications in as to the data center solutions that are available with R&M.

Vishal Bharati, Director – Data Center Manager at R&M stated, “R&M fully understands India’s requirements for a data center, whether its storage capacity, security requirements, or the need for disaster recovery resources.  It all starts with a modular scalable cabling solution. Company’s Swiss quality  looking forward to step into designed cabling, tailored to meet local requirements should be the foundation to build on”.

In India, R&M predicted outstanding growth in the building of world class data centers over the next five years.

Already, R&M’s data center solutions have been widely deployed throughout the region across various verticals. Company, however, advises Indian planners to consider building next generation advanced data centers, keeping in mind the upcoming 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet standard and the importance of a scalable data center solution.



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