Retail biz booming for CAS

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Piyali Guha Kolkata, Jan 18

After foraying into retail business four months back Tinsukia-based

CAS Computers has seen growth in its revenue.

Tinsukia is one of the premier commercial centers in Assam.

"As the market here started to grow we felt the need to open a retail

outlet for the customers and we decided to open one that would offer the

customers all kinds of IT products and brands," said Manoj Bajaj, CEO, CAS



The company opened its first retail showroom in August, 2006.

"In the last four months we have witnessed a significant growth in our

revenue through retail," stated Bajaj. The showroom with an area of 1,400

sq ft deals in brands like HP, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, Epson, Sony, Canon, Acer,

Olympus and Kodak digital cameras, iBall, Intex, etc. "Earlier it was

difficult to sell the products to the customers as we were not able to

demonstrate it but now having all the products displayed in front of them, the

customers are tempted to buy and in most cases end-up exceeding their

limits," he said.

The retail showroom of CAS Computers at

Tinsukia in Assam

The company started its journey in 1994 as a computer accounting

firm to provide accounting service to the clients. "While doing so I

realized the market need for PCs and its future growth prospect. The thought

provoked me to start dealing with IT hardware products and thus CAS Computers

was born. We were the first one here to enter into IT trade," informed


Apart from catering to the end-users the company also caters to

the local resellers of Tinsukia market and remote places in Arunachal Pradesh.

CAS is also the local disti for iBall products. According to Bajaj the present

size of the local market is about to 80 PCs per month with a valuation of Rs 20

crore. "The market is growing constantly and for the last few years. Our

YoY growth rate has been an average of 50 percent," said Bajaj.

After closing its last FY at Rs 2.7 crore and with the new

showroom in place CAS is expecting a turnover of Rs 4 crore for the current