Top Retail Associations in the World

Retail associations may conduct research on industry trends, consumer behavior, and best practices to help members make informed business decisions

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Retail associations

Retail associations

Retail associations work to support and promote the retail industry by providing resources, advocacy, and opportunities for networking and growth. Many retail associations offer educational resources, training programs, and professional development opportunities for their members to help them improve their skills and knowledge.


List of Top Retail Associations in the World

These are just a few examples of the many retail associations operating around the world, each providing valuable resources and support to its members in the retail industry:

  1. National Retail Federation (NRF): The NRF is the world's largest retail trade association, representing all types of retailers in the United States and 45 other countries.

  2. Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA): RILA is a US-based trade association that represents more than 200 retailers, suppliers, and service providers.

  3. EuroCommerce: EuroCommerce is a Brussels-based trade association that represents the retail, wholesale, and international trade sectors in Europe.

  4. British Retail Consortium (BRC): The BRC is a UK-based trade association that represents the retail industry in the UK, with a focus on promoting the industry's interests to government and the public.

  5. Retail Council of Canada (RCC): The RCC is a Canadian trade association that represents retailers across the country, advocating on behalf of the industry and providing support to its members.

  6. Australian Retailers Association (ARA): The ARA is the peak industry body for the retail sector in Australia, representing a wide range of retailers across the country.

  7. China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA): The CCFA is a Chinese trade association that represents retailers and franchise operators in the country, with a focus on promoting the development of the retail industry in China.