Replace old desktop with laptop: Save Rs 1 lakh

DQW Bureau
New Update


According to the results of a new study conducted by Wipro Research in India,

firms can gain an additional Rs 92,935 through increased productivity by

refreshing their old desktop PCs with laptops. In addition, firms can realize

total power savings of Rs 5,442 per year by switching from old desktops to

laptops. A saving of Rs 1,892 per PC, per year, would come from the reduced

power consumption of laptops compared to desktops. Plus, switching to laptops

would result in eliminating the need for UPS, thereby providing firms with an

additional Rs 3,550 in savings in UPS capital and running costs.

The results also revealed that operating expenses (OpEx) are one of the major

cost drivers of increasing support costs with older systems. Many of these

issues need to be resolved manually thereby pushing up costs. Over 50 percent of

the respondents felt that new applications, service packs, updates and patches

are the major reasons for increase in maintenance effort every year.

Over a quarter of respondents said that they experienced increasing number of

hardware and software failures as the PC aged. Thus migration to laptops

improves customer service and productivity and is cost-justified.


That apart the payback for migration is very rapid, at an average of less

than three months, thereby making sense for firms to switch to laptops.

The study also revealed that 52 percent of companies experienced security

incidents with older PCs running older operating systems.

Reiterating this fact, Anjan Choudhury Chief Technology Officer of Bombay

Stock Exchange said “At BSE, we have taken a decision to refresh desktops and

laptops every four years with a warranty for the whole period from the

manufacturer so that cost of ownership is minimized.”