Renovision Comnet plans expansion

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Renovision Comnet, a Delhi based distribution company in consumables with

alliances with EPSON, CANON AND TVSE for the entire range of consumables.

Print heads is the other product line on which Renovision has focused. The

company is first tier exclusive distributor for Canon in Delhi, direct alliance

with Epson India for the Blue pack ink cart and toners, and is the

redistribution partner for TVSE consumables in Delhi and exclusive regional

distribution partner  in Rajasthan and Punjab.

With a clear strategy of having first tier and preferably exclusive alliances

only, this year it has plan to put maximum focus on upcountry and NCR markets.

In upcountry, it is looking at a thin distribution model with selected dealers

and ensure that they get good returns in this business. The reason for this kind

of a model is that the products it is distributing are not high volume products

and a wide distribution channel makes business unviable for the dealers. These

products require great market efforts which is a costly affair and requires to

be supported with better margins.


Today in consumables trade, most of the products are over distributed and

dealers work on razor thin margins. “At Renovision, the endeavor is to make

business with it a profitable venture for the channel. This needs a lot of

convincing with the principals also but we are really fortunate that all the

principals we have, understand and appreciate this philosophy of business”,

said VK Trivedi, Director, Renovision Comnet.

Renovision is all set to expand its product portfolio in consumables. “We

are also launching some products in our own brand shortly. I can only say with

conviction that over a period of next one year, our channel partners will get

good returns on all the business activities we are doing and will do in coming

months." He added.

Profit to a business partner is the only factor for any business alliance to

survive and grow, that is the basic philosophy Renovision works with quipped

bullish Trivedi.

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