Reliance to provide wireless connectivity for SBI ATMs

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State Bank of India (SBI) and Reliance Infocomm have tied up for CDMA

wireless connectivity for 100 ATMs across the country. This is the largest

migration of ATMs in wireless connectivity mode and marks an important milestone

in the banking and wireless communication fields.

The agreement follows the successful pilot installation of a few ATMs by SBI

using Reliance Infocomm’s wireless connectivity over the last four months. SBI,

on February 09, 2004, had deployed India’s first floating ATM in a ferry that

transports people and vehicles to Kochi from Vypeen, a nearby island using

Reliance Infoco-mm’s wireless connectivity.

"The CDMA-based Wireless connectivity solution enables quick deployment

of ATMs by banks, apart from the advan-tage of rolling out a nationwide network

of Wireless ATMs that are secure and cost efficient. Unlike VSAT-based

connectivity, which banks traditionally rely on, the CDMA solution elimina-tes

the need of rooftop rights and the resultant delays. Reli-ance Infocomm’s CDMA-based

Wireless connectivity scores over other ATM connectivity options on counts like

speed of deployment, mobility and cost," said an SBI official.


"We are proud to partner with the State Bank of India in bringing the

benefits of world class technology to India. With its decision to deploy

wireless ATMs across the country, the State Bank of India has emer-ged as the

leader in new gene-ration banking practices that takes advantage of the latest

developments in information and communication tech-nology. We hope to introduce

more such innovative solutions that will help Indian enterprises to offer world

class services to their customers" said Kishore Oka, Finance Vertical Head,

Reliance Infocomm.

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