ReAI, a trailblazing platform representing the “Re-” Industry, Debuts in India

The repair / refurbish market in India is a $ 5 billion market growing at greater than 20% per year. India is generating over 1.7 MT of e-waste annually growing at 26% (faster than China) The “Re” sector constituting of (Repair, Refurbish, Recycle, Remanufacture, Resell, Reuse) aligns beautifully with the government initiatives like Clean India, Skill India and Make in India. This sector employs the lowest educated workforce and contributes significantly to the country’s GDP. This sector, unlike manufacturing, IT etc. does not have a platform to voice its value, concerns etc.

ReAI (The “Re” association of India) was formed on June 3rd 2016, headquartered in New Delhi, India. ReAI is India’s first platform to give voice and representation to the “Re” industry in India. The aim is to enable Indian Repair, Remanufacturing, and Recycling industry to become world leaders in innovation, thought leadership, trust, quality, and environmental friendliness.

The Association has appointed Hitendra Chaturvedi, as President, Wing Cdr. (Retd.) Suresh Khanna as Convener in honorary capacity and KS Raman – Ex-President Ceama, Ex- Ombudsman, to be the Advisor.

The repair/ refurbish market in India has a huge potential which is at an alarming growth rate greater than $5 billion and growing at 20% per year.  With the government initiatives of Skill India, Clean India, ReAI will not only give an identity to this sector but also help organize this sector as the unorganized sector processes 95% of e-waste. This sector is growing at a steady rate of 20% annually. It employs the lowest educated workforce in the country, and has the potential to generate 1 million job opportunities.

Some of the companies who are members of the association are Innovent Panel Works, Endoson Display Pvt. Ltd. Uttam Services, Earth Sense Recycling Pvt. Ltd, GadgetWood, E-Waste Recycler, Namo e-Waste Management Ltd, Attero, GreenDust, etc.The association is also in talks with the Department of Commerce, Department of Electronics & IT, in New Delhi to enable the association to have a voice and identity to bring in changes thereby organizing the unorganized sector.

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