RCTA takes a backseat

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At a time when IT associations across the country are either busy organizing

IT expos in their regions or chalking out plans to conduct one, all is quiet on

Rajasthan Computer Traders Association's (RCTA) front. RCTA was due to hold its

annual elections almost two months ago but as yet there are still no signs of

one taking place in the near future.

According to members of the association, they have been conducting regular

meets. But they admitted that concerns for holding the election or organizing

any activities were not being taken seriously.

Commenting on the sluggish status quo of the local body, Hira Singh, Public

Relations Officer, RCTA said, “Though we are organizing regular meets, we were

unable to take a final decision on the election date. The state election which

is also due, might lead to change in government, so we waiting for that to get



He added that though the members are in touch with each other, time

constraints and busy business schedules had resulted in a slight delay in these

activities. RCTA is now planning a family get together for its members.

The inactivity in the association is also a result of the lack of interest

from dealers in taking part in any activities planned. Members said that they

are not getting enough time to focus in this direction and that has slowed down

the activities in the association.

“We are actively looking for a solution to the issues that our dealers face

in the market. The reason for not conducting the election is that members were

unable to devote much time to it, and secondly nobody is willing to take

initiatives. Members are not ready to come forward and take charge of the

association,” commented Arinjay Jain, Secretary, RCTA.


Jain further said that over the last one year the market has been a bit slow

and customers are not taking much interest in IT expos, as seen from the recent

expos held by the government. “In Jaipur, customers are inclined towards

consumer product exhibitions or cultural fairs. Observing the poor result of

expos in the near past, the association is not willing to take the risk,” Jain


Dealers in Jaipur however said it was not the slow market but the intention

of getting personal benefits from the association that had transformed it into

an inactive one. The existing members do not want to take the efforts and work

for the welfare of the entire channel community.

A Jaipur-based dealer on condition of anonymity said that the current office

bearers of RCTA were using their positions as a status symbol and they do want

to lose their position, hence they are not conducting elections. He also added

that there was a lot of politics involved and potential dealers in the city are

not eager to join.

Another dealer in Jaipur said that the association members do not want to

make efforts for channel benefit and this has resulted in loss of interest among

the dealers to participate in the activities.