RCTA holds annual meet

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Traders Association (RCTA) recently held its General Body Meeting

(GBM) at Hotel Las Vegas, Jaipur. This was the first GBM since the

new team took charge. At the meet, all committees presented their

report card separately to the house.

Arinjay Jain,

member, Vendor Distribution Coordination Committee (VDCC) said, “The

committee has resolved all the pending warranty issues related to SES

distributor on Samsung hard drives. Moreover, RCTA has decided to

organize an annual expo during October-November 2011.”

According to Deepak

Sharda, secretary, RCTA, “At the meet, we distributed ID cards and

guidelines in Hindi to our RCTA members. The other decision, which we

took during the meet was to educate customers through radio. The

Jaipur market has been crippled with defaulters, therefore, we are

planning to broadcast about our association on FM channels. The

message will be to educate customers o
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rom RCTA.”

The association is

also working on revamping its website. Moreover, the association has

requested its members to have their presence on RCTA's Facebook

page. The association has around 205 registered members. “In July,

our website will be ready and a hosting program will be launched. We

are making our site more interactive so that information about trade

can be shared with our members through the website. All defaulters'

names will be highlighted. Members will have their own forum for

discussion,” said Sharda.