RCTA election postponed

ambiguity of memberships, nominations and RCTA constitution made election committee to postponed the election

New Update

The electoral committee of Rajasthan Computer Traders Association (RCTA) has decided to postponed its election, which was earlier scheduled to take place on May 5, 2013. The three member election committee has reached upon this decision after taking a unanimous consent from the all the members of RCTA.


The committee wanted to conduct a fair election. Meanwhile all the 15 nominations which came forward for the 6 posts stand canceled. It is expected that in the next GBM, the election committee would resolve all the issues which are creating a delay in conducting election and finalize the election date.

The 2013-15 election will be conducted for the post of president, secretary, treasurer,VP, joint secretary and PRO.

Speaking to /The DQ Week/ ML Bhandari, election officer, RCTA informed, "In the recent held meet called by the election committee which was attended by ex-president and member election committee, we discussed about the ambiguity of memberships, nominations and RCTA constitution. We want to conduct election in a democratic way and not in an authoritative way. Some of RCTA members have ambiguity in their minds, hence before we conduct election we want all ambiguities to resolve. All our decisions have been well supported by the members and soon we will declare the next election date."


"Looking at various issues, the election committee was finding it difficult to take decision on some disputed issues. We all discussed various issues and jointly agreed that in present situation, it is better to cancel/postpone the election. Hence we have taken the decision to postpone the election," he confirmed.

Till the time election does not happen, EC will take over present committee in all respect with immediate effect, till election is conducted. The committee will frame guidelines for memberships (new as well as old), nominations and constitution amendment as required to conduct smooth and fair elections.

In consideration of above all nominations are here by canceled. The fees deposited (Rs 10,000 for president post and 5,000 for other posts) by nominees will be refunded. Fresh nominations will be called for which intimation will be sent to all in due course.

Bhandari also stated, "We want to amend our constitution. Who can vote and who can not in the election, as per current constitution any electronic and IT hardware proprietor can participate in the election. But we have found many of the proprietor-who are member of RCTA-are either inactive or do not exist. Hence we want to sort out this issue. Apart from that we also want to clear in our constitution, whether a single member can give nomination for multiple posts or not? We are seeking all members suggestions and also taking reference from other IT associations before conducing a fair election."