Rashi Peripherals launches one of a kind end consumer scheme

Rashi Peripherals recently announced the commencement of a new “End consumer Scheme” with the objective to reward the consumer for choosing an ASUS notebook distributed by Rashi Peripherals. With assured gifts in the fray like watches, bike, silver coins, one lucky winner would drive home a Hyundai Eon.

The two month long scheme, which began on 27th of April, is valid up to the 26th day of June. However the consumer can claim his gift till 27th July, giving the partners an additional one month to clear out their stock. The notebooks would have a sticker peeled onto its box casing. The unique secret code would be concealed on the top left corner of the sticker, which upon scratching would have to be updated on the micro site mentioned below, along with identity proof, the copy of the invoice and the serial number of the notebook.

The company said that the scheme is a boon for all would help the partners drive their sales, and the consumer who would walk out with a notebook with an assured gift.

LINK: http://rptechindia.com/kismatkichabi/Registration.aspx

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