Rapoo Introduces the VPRO Gaming Accessories Brand

RAPOO has announced its new gaming accessories brand, VPRO in the Indian market. Since 2012, it has been a part of the IT industry in India together with a diversity of quality in innovative IT peripherals.

Under its gaming label, VPRO, peripheral giant aspires to carry on its contribution to the growing eSports market in the nation

The VPRO brand under Rapoo sells gaming keyboards, mechanical gaming keyboards, mice, combos, headsets and gamepads.

While a few of the VPRO products like the V110 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo, the V600 Gamepad, and the V510 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard have recently started selling in India, a variety of other products will soon be available online as well as offline via authorized partners of the company in India.

In contrast to its competitors, the company enjoys the advantage of shortened product life cycles allowing it to adapt faster to new trends and needs of the ever growing gaming community. This is made possible due to Rapoo’s ability to develop and produce almost all components itself, hence offering incredible advantages when it comes to value for money.

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