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Rajat Mohanty joins the panel of key speakers at ‘Microsoft Future Unleashed’

Microsoft celebrates 25 years of success in India

Establishing its position as a leading corporate security expert and top managed security service provider (MSSP) yet again, Paladion’s CEO and Co-Founder, Rajat Mohanty will be seen contributing to ‘Microsoft Future Unleashed’ as a key panel speaker. This is an event celebrating Microsoft’s 25 years of success in India. The event is slated to be held in Mumbai with the topic of discussion being ‘Risk management in Omni Channel Era’.

Rajat Mohanty is a leading thinker in the Indian information security industry. With 22+ years of management and leadership experience, he has developed and executed many strategic initiatives in India and globally covered risk management and information security operations for large businesses. His innovative business style and high energy led to his participation in ‘Microsoft Future Unleashed’.

Elaborating on the occasion, Rajat Mohanty, Founder and CEO, Paladion commented, “It is anticipated that the event will be one of its kind, with experts covering every aspect of IT and discussing the future of the industry in India. It will chronicle industry insights along with the successful tenure of Microsoft in the country which is something I am looking forward to.”

Microsoft Future Unleashed’ celebrates Microsoft’s accomplishments, a company which seems to be ably poised for its future in India. The event focuses on empowering every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. It believes in the democratising force of digital technology that will enable India’s future innovators and entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams, to transform and seize the opportunities ahead.

As part of this celebration, Microsoft is organising a two-day conference in Mumbai, on November 5th and 6th, titled ‘Future Unleashed’, where it will share its perspective on how technology will transform all aspects of work and life, with over 3,000 plus businesses, and government decision makers,. It will also share its bold ambitions around reinventing productivity and business processes, creating more personal computing and building the intelligent cloud. Prior to the event, it will launch its cloud services from its India based Data Centres.


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