Mr. Ashok Kumar

RAH Infotech joins hands with Garland Technology


New Delhi

Garland Technology has signed an exclusive agreement with RAH Infotech to distribute their extensive portfolio of networking and security solutions across India.

Gurgaon-based RAH Infotech is an IT value-added distributor (VAD) that specializes in total networking, application delivery and security, network, and data security solutions to organizations through its wide ecosystem of channel partners in India.

Ashok Kumar, MD and CEO, RAH Infotech, said, “These best-of-breed technologies around network design, intrusion detection, bandwidth management, and computer forensics from Garland Technology offer huge opportunities for channel partners to create a niche for themselves with their enterprise customers. RAH Infotech’s extensive distribution channel will help create a large market for Garland Technology in India.”

Their line of test access points (TAPs) are the foundation of solid solutions in areas including network analyzers, data capture and analysis, IPS, DLP, next-generation firewalls, application performance monitoring, and lawful intercept.

“Garland Technology is all about connections—connecting your network to your appliance, connecting your data to your IT team, and reconnecting you to your core business,” Kumar said.

“We are in the process of identifying competent enterprise partners who would be fit to associate with us on Garland Technology. We are setting up a dedicated team of pre-sales and technical staff at RAH to hand hold the partners on this new business opportunity,” he added.

US-headquartered Garland Technology provides organizations with the ability to see every bit, byte, and packet on their networks.

“Building valuable, international partnerships is an important aspect of our business. When we find a great distributor, we know that our end users are getting the attention they deserve. RAH Infotech provides that attention through top-tier support and expertise in security, and we are happy to add them to our family,” Chris Bihary, CEO, Garland Technology, said.

The product offerings of Garland Technology are in line with the demands of the rapidly growing network across organizations due to technology trends like mobility, cloud and big data. “To know what is happening where and at what time in the network is extremely crucial for CIOs and IT managers. And Garland Technology provides that strong and secure foundation of network visibility for modern organizations,” Kumar said.

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