Quintum announces the New Tenor AX!

DQW Bureau
07 Oct 2004

Quintum has officially announced the arrival of their newest

analog Tenor series of products. The new Tenor AX Series provides 8, 16, up to

24 simultaneous VoIP calls to allow enterprises with an analog infrastructure,

an effective way to capitalize on the power of VoIP. This new Tenor is designed

to support increased call volu-mes. New AX are Quintum's new Configuration

Manager and Tenor Monitor software to ease network management both at the

headquarters and at remote locations. As with the other Tenors, the AX offers

the complete set of unique feat-ures including SelectNet QoS switching, inte-grated

call rou-ting between circuit and VoIP ports, PacketSaver VoIP mul-tiplexing for

up to an additional 57 percent reduction in bandwidth usage and an integrated


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