Quantum Institute in a wed-lock with University of Illinois

In a bid to simulate the on-campus experience using the Internet and the local faculty, The Quantum Institute, a Delhi based institute has tied up with the University of Illinois to award the Master of computer Science degree of the University of Illinois. The program runs in parallel with the on-campus one, and in India, students are selected, instructed and evaluated by UIUC. The course, which was started in December 1997, costs around $ 10,000 and till date it has successfully turned out 30 postgraduates from India.

The Institute is now operating from Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. More than 125 students are registered with the institute for the program, out of these five students are from Hyderabad. “We not only provide one of the best curriculums available in the world but we also assist in providing the loans to our students. We have tie ups with SBI and ICICI to provide that facility to our students.” Said R C Malhotra, Chairman, The Quantum Institute.

The degree awarded in India is the same one for on-campus study. The process allows for rapid upscaling of education facilities within India. “We are providing the facilities of digitized lectures, which are made available within 12 hours of the actual delivery of the lectures. This is being done with the help of streaming video facility provided by the Institute. We are hopeful of imparting education throughout the country by opening new centers in other important places in a short time,” he added.

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