Quadsel to leverage SaaS model

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Quadsel Systems, a Chennai-based company has proposed to offer its solutions

through the SaaS model. The move is in accordance with the staunch focus on the

solutions that the company has made in a years time. Quadsel Systems started

developing its in-house Business Management solutions by recruiting a separate


Girish Madhavan, CEO, Quadsel Systems informed, "We have planned to host our

servers and solutions in a service model on a monthly basis and would charge for

it according to the usage," he said.

We will host our servers and solutions on a monthly basis

and would charge according to

the usage
Girish Madhavan CEO, Quadsel Systems

The company has plethora of solutions to offer, including high-performance

computing and digital library solutions, and is currently in the process of

testing the service that it is going to offer very soon. "On the first hand we

are testing by hosting our servers. In another three to six months time, we

would be able to offer our solutions through the SaaS model," Madhavan claimed.

Initially the company would offer this service to its existing customers and has

planned to take it further with other new clients.

Quadsel has posted a growth of 40 percent during the last fiscal and clocked

a revenue of Rs 83 crore. "The strategic decisions we took on shifting our focus

towards solutions contributed to this growth," he averred. The company has

completely equipped itself in terms of SAP implementation and is awaiting a good

break. Quadsel also expanded its presence across South by opening offices in

Trivandrum, Madurai, Coimbatore and Trichy.

On the road ahead, Madhavan said that the company is looking to enhance its

solutions portfolio by taking up new, niche solutions like database management,

hospital management solutions and tying up with independent software vendors.